Reuben is, first and foremost, a songwriter. Brought up on sounds of the sixties he finds himself greatly influenced by the works of artists such as Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, and this lyrical, poetry like writing style comes through particularly in Reuben’s early songwriting. That said, the influences of modern artists such as Belle & Sebastian, Passenger and Jack Johnson can also be heard in his songs. Whilst his playing can meander across a range of styles it’s heart remains more or less fixed in the acoustic and folk genres.
Reuben’s shows contain a mixture of covers ranging from recent artists such as Newton Faulkner, to early Simon&Garfunkel tracks, and back again, as well as including a wealth of his own original songs from across the last 5-6years. His debut single ‘Gone’ was released on May 24th , and the next single ‘Manchester Girl’ will be released June 19th. That will be followed by the release of a few more singles this year, and an EP is in the works for 2020.

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